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PROJECT:    Cooling Water Distribution System
SPONSOR:    Jasco Heat Treating Company

Designed a cooling water loop for a heat treating plant.  The plant had been using city water for cooling a number of production machines.  These included furnace bearings, refrigeration condensers, induction heating equipment, air compressors and furnace electrodes.  Problems were encountered as production increased because of the limited capacity of the water feed line.  A system that re-circulated water through an outdoor cooling tower was proposed.  Savings of $20,000 per year were expected based on the avoided sewer and water charges.

PROJECT:    Heat Transfer in Oil Quenching Unit
SPONSOR:    Jasco Heat Treating Company

A combination controlled atmosphere furnace and oil quench system was producing poor quality results.  The problem was traced to a poor distribution of oil being forced through quenching baskets submerged in the quench tank.  The oil distribution system was re-designed to ensure a uniform flow of oil was sustained over each basket.  This resulted in an excellent level of quality and improved process control.

PROJECT:    Survey of Electrical End-Uses
SPONSOR:    DieMolding Corporation

Provided field monitoring on production equipment used to produce phenolic automotive parts.  Established primary end-load and operating characteristics affecting utility billing.  Results identified opportunities and  changes in operating practice having the potential to reduce electricity consumption by 5 to 10 percent at little or no cost. 

PROJECT:    Improved Energy Efficiency of Steel Pickling Line
SPONSOR:    New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Energen Technologies

Provided a preliminary estimate of the energy savings that would result from abandoning a large centralized steam boiler providing heat to a steel pickling line.  A new system configured on five modular boilers providing heat to the individual solution tanks was proposed.  Drafted grant applications and proposal that resulted in a $250,000 award to support project implementation while providing ongoing field monitoring to assess actual performance.