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PROJECT:    Steam Turbine Air Compressor Drive
SPONSOR:    New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Provided a detailed analysis of a proposed 200 hp steam turbine driven air compressor package.  System was designed to offset the operation of two similarly rated electric compressors.  Demonstrated potential annually savings of $70,000 could be achieved and secured a $64,000 rebate for the project’s implementation through a NYSERDA sponsored conservation program.

PROJECT:    Engine Compressor Drive
SPONSOR:    New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, DieMolding Corporation

Evaluated the application of an engine-driven air compressor as a demand reduction technology at an automotive parts manufacturing facility.  System design included use of engine waste heat to provide seasonal space conditioning and for heating a hot oil system used in production.  Application of the technology was shown to lower the cost of electriciy for the entire facility due to a proportioning formula used to allocate economic development power to the site as a function of the peak demand.  Simple payback was thus expected with three years.

PROJECT:    VSD Conversion on Compressor Drive
SPONSOR:    New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, BorgWarner Corporation

Investigated energy conservation features proposed for a 1,000 hp air compressor plant.  Recommendations included increasing receiver capacity to reduce compressor cycling and the addition of a VSD to the lead 300 hp compressor to match loads to actual site demands.  Application of the VSD was shown to save over $30,000 annually and achieve simple payback in less than one year. 

PROJECT:    Industrial Compressed Air Audit
SPONSOR:    New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Central New York Manufacturing Facility (Confidential)

Evaluated energy conservation measures applicable to a five compressor system installed at a local manufacturing facility.  Conducted field monitoring to assess current control schemes, compressor performance and quantify air leakage.  Made recommendations for improving control sequences, increasing receiver capacity and use of steam turbine drives.  Analysis completed using AirMaster+ software.

PROJECT:    Evaluation of Engine-Driven Air Compressors
SPONSOR:    The Gleason Works

Service and production demands as well as lack of adequate backup capacity required planning for an expansion of the existing compressed air plant.  Rather than using a conventional electric motor driven air compressor, the application an engine-driven compressor was considered.  Three different size machines were evaluated matching base, average and peak load profiles captured during a short term monitoring program.  Scenarios based on load growths of 0, 10 and 25 percent were considered along with partial and full waste heat recovery from the engines.  The analysis proved the largest capacity compressor with partial heat recovery was more economical than adding a smaller motor-driven machine to the existing plant.