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PROJECT:    High Efficiency Furnace Study
SPONSOR:    New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Directed data collection activities and site surveys in support of a field evaluation of residential high efficiency furnaces.  Evaluated seven different units installed at 14 locations distributed throughout a metropolitan area.  Aided final data analysis and reporting to utility clients in support of technology dissemination to residential homeowners.

PROJECT:    Pulse Boiler Field Study
SPONSOR:    Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation

Prepared final analysis and report on a yearlong field-monitoring study of a new pulse combustion, commercial boiler installed in a DHW application.  Analyzed site loads and unit performance based on energy characteristics and economic benefit to site.

PROJECT:    Heat Storage Furnace Field Evaluation
SPONSOR:    Empire State Electric Energy Research Corporation

Analyzed performance of heat storage furnace in a two-year field evaluation project.  Work involved interface with residential homeowners involved in test phase, negotiation with furnace manufacturer to resolve operational problems and investigation of performance issues, writing and submission of final reports and project documentation.

PROJECT:    St. Paul Street Building Audit
SPONSOR:    Rochester Housing Authority

Developed an approach that used a blower door test program to identify and characterize infiltration sources in residential high rise building application.  Combined results of component leakage tests with pressurization model to estimate infiltration loss for entire building structure.

PROJECT:    Preliminary HVAC Audit
SPONSOR:    Support Services Alliance

Performed a limited investigation of comfort complaints in newly rehabilitated office building.  Examined air distribution system, internal loads, building configuration and rooftop units.  Determined from inspection and building model that an insufficient supply of conditioned air was being delivered to remote corners of the building as a result of deficiencies discovered in the duct system.

PROJECT:    Building Improvements
SPONSOR:    The Gleason Works

This project involved development of plans for building improvements designed to reduce heating energy consumption.  Interactive effects related to a major roofing/insulation project and changes in the heating/air handling systems were studied.  In addition, the application of VSD/VFD technologies on paint booth fans and related equipment was examined to see if ventilation and infiltration losses could be reduced.

PROJECT:    Evaluation of Gas Cooling Options
SPONSOR:    Northeast Coating Services

Evaluated alternative cooling technologies for a new metal coating plant operating a clean room for final paint and powder coating finishes.  Used a building simulation program to develop HVAC loads based on the building plans, equipment audit and normalized weather conditions.  Evaluated the impact on hardware requirements that resulted from the inclusion of an innovative VOC recovery system in the HVAC plant.  The performance of electric, absorption and engine-driven chillers were modeled to assess energy requirements and likely costs.  Recommended a hybrid plant using an engine-driven chiller as primary unit and a small electric chiller for peaking and backup.

PROJECT:    HVAC Options in a Knitting Mill
SPONSOR:    New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, Helmont Mills

Space conditions at the mill were monitored and it was determined the temperature and humidity were outside the desired specifications.  The primary cause was determined to be the inadequate capacity and deteriorated condition of the existing air handlers and distribution system.  Recommendations were presented on an upgrade and replacement system that would maintain conditions with the desired set points.  The system included a ground water chilled water supply that avoided the requirement for a separate electrically operated chiller.

PROJECT:    Moisture Control in Blow Molding Facility
SPONSOR:    Clearplas Container

The objective of the study was to improve moisture control and reduce energy consumption in a plastic bottle molding facility.  Moisture control was vital for product quality control.  Air movement, refrigeration needs, dehumidifier performance were carefully studied.  The study resulted in much better moisture control and greatly reduced energy consumption.

PROJECT:    Office Building HVAC Study
SPONSOR:    Rochester Gas and Electric Corp

The objective of this study was to develop a method to extract hourly air conditioning loads for office buildings from utility metering data.

PROJECT:    Review of Engineering Studies
SPONSOR:    Rochester Gas and Electric Corp

Reviewed Rochester Gas and Electric Corp sponsored engineering studies for proposed HVAC projects in their territory.