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Ronald F. Amberger PE

Principal Engineer

Specializing in boiler and steam, refrigeration, cogeneration and compressed air systems and facility energy audits.


  •  Principal-Modern Energy LLC
  • Professor of Mechanical and Energy Engineering Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology.
    •    Twelve years experience as design engineer in the power equipment field.
    •    Principal investigator on several NYSERDA, EPRI and ESEERCO projects.
    •    Engineering consultant to area industries and institutions in the area of heat transfer, energy,   power, steam generation and HVAC.



•    Founding Principal of Modern Energy, LLC.
•    Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology at Rochester Institute of Technology.
•    Principal Investigator, Rochester Institute of Technology Research Corp.
•    Senior Project Engineer - turbo machinery, Elliott Company, Jeannette, Pennsylvania
•    Visiting professor, Shanghai Technical University, Shanghai, China.
•    Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, Bradley University, Peoria, Illinois
•    Centrifugal Compressor Designer, Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co, Franklin, Pennsylvania
•    System Dynamics Engineer, General Electric Corp. Large Jet Engine Dept., Cincinnati, Ohio
•    Stress Analysis, Aircraft Armaments, Cockysville, Maryland


•    Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1961
•    Master of Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, 1968

•    American Society of Mechanical Engineers
•    American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers – Past president of Rochester, New York Chapter.
•    Licensed Professional Engineer, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
•    Licensed professional Engineer, State of New York.

•    U.S. Patent: ‘Mounting Structure for Vibration Detecting Probe.’
•    First place, 1993 ASHRAE Technology Award, Category IV – Industrial Facilities or Processes, Honeywell Farms, Inc, Jamaica, New York.
•    1995 Region I, ASHRAE Technology Award, Category IV Industrial Facilities or Processes, Rochester District Heating Cooperative, Rochester, New York.

•    Department of the Navy, Design Manual 3.5, ‘Compressed Air and Vacuum Systems,’ Principal writer and editor.

•    Amberger, R.F., Karlekar, B.V., Lints, R, and Desmond, R, et al, ‘Cogeneration for an Academic Complex-Fuel Selection and Its Economics,’ Forth Miami International Conference on Alternative Energy Sources, Miami, FL, December 1981.

•    Amberger, R.F., DeFrees, J.A., and Desmond, R., ‘Augmented Heat Transfer Rates in Utility Condensers,’ Electric Power Research Institute Research Report EP-25, September 1983.

•    Amberger, R.F., and Lundgren, C.A., ‘Analysis of Moisture Damage in a New Office Building,’ ASHRAE/DOE Thermal Performance of Building Envelopes Conference, Clearwater, FL, December 1985.

•    Amberger, R.F., DeFrees, J.A., ‘Follow-on Testing of Augmented Heat Transfer Rates in Utility Condensers,’ Empire State Electric Energy Research Corp., Electric Power Research Institute Research Report EP84-24, March 1987.

•    Amberger, R.F., DeFrees, J.A., ‘Natural Infiltration Analysis of a Residential High-Rise Building,’ ASHRAE/DOE Indoor Air Quality Conference, Alexandria, VA, May 1987.

•    Amberger, R.F., DeFrees, J.A., and O’Shea, R., ‘Feasibility of using a Waste Heat Driven Lithium Bromide Refrigeration System,’ New York State Energy Research and Development Authority Report No. 87-25, November 1987.

•    Amberger, R.F., Barrett, R, and Marling, G, ‘Canal Boats, Interurbans and Trolleys-The Story of the Rochester Subway,’ Rochester, NY, National Railway Historical Society, September 1985.

•    Amberger, R.F., DeFrees, J.A., ‘Cascade Refrigeration Utilizing Waste Heat,’ Proceedings 1988 Cogeneration Conference of the Association of Energy Engineers, Atlantic City, NJ, June 1988.

•    Amberger, R.F., DeFrees, J.A., and Wichert, E., ‘Analysis of Engine Powered Refrigeration With Heat Recovery In Industrial Refrigeration Plants,’ International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration, 1991 Annual meeting, San Francisco, CA, March 1991

•    Amberger, R.F. and DeFrees, J.A., ‘Retrofit Cogeneration System Increases Refrigeration Capacity,’ American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers Journal, March 1993.